"Bringing families together through Parks & Recreation."

Melanie M. Stone, President

Melanie has her Master of Public Administration from Seattle University, her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Pacific Lutheran University, and eight years management and business acumen.  She has volunteered with multiple nonprofits for nearly fifteen years including the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center where she advocated for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  She also served as an Advisory Board Member for the Fund For Women and Girls, part of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation.  Melanie has spent ten years volunteering with the military and family programs, as well as leading the Family Readiness Group for her husband's Washington National Guard unit.  

She and her family have been active in the community since moving to DuPont, volunteering with the Off Leash Area, Chloe Clark PTA, and during various community events. Melanie was also a member of the committee working with the DuPont Professional Fire Fighters to bring paramedic services to the City of DuPont.

She and her husband of sixteen years, Ryan, and their son love living in DuPont and feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful community to raise their family in.  They moved to DuPont for the small-town feel, centralized location, sidewalks, parks, and pathways, and the strong sense of community pride and support for emergency services and the military. 

Melanie's goals for PARCS are to partner with the City of DuPont and other local stakeholders to bring a large-scale community center to the city.  She would also like to work on bringing additional amenities such as: a splash-pad/spray park, new playground equipment, sun shades and weather canopies to some of the existing parks, additional bathrooms and gazebos, and further beautification the current trails and green-spaces. Additionally, she would like to build on community traditions by bringing additional annual programs and events to the City of DuPont.  

Melanie and Ryan were nominated, and selected, to be part of Windemere's "Meet the Neighbors 253" campaign.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Melanie and why she, with the help of other residents, formed P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont.

Meet our Board Members

Melanie M. Stone, MPA

PARCS President

(Oct. 2017-Current)

Email: m.stone.parcs@gmail.com

Denise Merz-Stavis,

Vice President 

Denise (Dee) Merz-Stavis has her Masters in Social Work from California State University, Sacramento, her Bachelor of Arts California State University, and Sacramento and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California. Her 30 year professional experience includes Director, Children’s Mental Health Program and mental health provider for the military and their families.

Her volunteer experience includes Executive Board Member for Temple Beth Shalom and Hadassah, volunteer at HomeAgain Pet Adoption in Woodinville WA, and SideWalk Homeless Assistance Program in Olympia, WA. She currently serves on the DuPont Tree Advisory Board, which is partnered with Public Works.

Dee and her husband of 34 years, Bob Stavis, retired to DuPont 10 years ago. They enjoy knowing the names of their librarian, the pharmacist, and veterinarian in this homey town, and joining its many volunteer opportunities.

One of her professional and personal interests and passions as a P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont Board Member is the development of inter-generational activities and programs with focus on school age and retirement age.  She would also like to provide resources for enrichment programs that are locally based. These programs are evidence based to increase community cohesiveness. 

Denise Merz Stavis, LCSW

PARCS Vice President

(May 2018-Current)

Email: d.ms.parcs@gmail.com

Jessica Fester,

Secretary of Board

Jessica Taylor-Fester graduated high school through Running Start with an Administrative Degree from Clover Park Technical College, and later returned to college to get an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal studies from Tacoma Community College. Before she made the decision to stay home with her children, she gained experience working as a receptionist and as a paralegal for a private practice attorney. Jessica also continues to be actively involved with the City of DuPont’s Community Connector Program within the Historic Village Neighborhood of DuPont and runs the DuPont Community Forum Facebook page.

Jessica and her husband, Keith Fester, both come from military families that retired in the Historic Village neighborhood. They both attended the Steilacoom Historical School District where they met, and were married, in the DuPont Presbyterian Church. They both feel lucky and blessed to have been able to grow up in the small town of DuPont where neighbors still look out for one another and know each other by name. They are proud of the history of DuPont and the continued sense of community it brings to everyone who lives here. They are now raising the third generation of Fester’s in DuPont and hope to be able to give their two sons the sense of pride and community they experienced growing up in DuPont.

Jessica’s personal interest and goals for P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont are to bring more youth and teen activities to DuPont. She would love to partner with the Teen and Youth Councils, Parks and Recreation Agency, City Council, and the City of DuPont, to bring a drop-in teen center and small event center to the City of DuPont. It would be a place where teens can go after school, and on weekends, to do homework, socialize in a safe environment, play games, get a healthy snack, get assistance with college applications, and gain leadership and job training skills. The center would also offer  intimate meeting spaces for community, neighborhood, and local organizations to have gatherings and use for special events (potlucks, Bunco, Cub Scouts etc.).

Jessica feels fortunate to have grown up in a community as safe, close-knit, and caring as the DuPont community, and hopes to help DuPont continue to be a special place for everyone’s children to grow up in.

Jessica Fester


Secretary of Board

(Oct. 2017-Current)

Email: j.fester.parcs@gmail.com

Interested in  joining our Board?

If you LOVE DuPont and want to help PARCS bring additional recreational facilities, programs, and events to our community, fill out the form below and we will contact you ASAP!  Thank you for your interest and have a great day!

Joe Nash, Treasurer

Joe has his Master of Science in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University and Bachelor of Arts in Meteorology from the University of Maryland.      He is currently commissioned in the United States Air Force as a meteorologist while also working as one of the Air Force's lead planners on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, JBLM, guiding Air Force integration with the Army. He has been stationed in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Hawaii before landing in beautiful DuPont. He has volunteered for over eight years in various leadership roles including President and Treasurer in multiple military officer councils.

He and his wife of ten years, Amy, and their three children, have found DuPont to be  a beautiful and welcoming community and are proud to call this city their home. Upon moving to DuPont, Joe and Amy dove right in volunteering their time with the local gymnastics gym, Girl Scouts, and the Moms Club of DuPont.  They believe getting involved in your community is extremely important.

Joe's goals for P.A.R.C.S-DuPont are to assist in partnering with the local military members, as well as those on JBLM, to continue to make the City of DuPont an even more vibrant and diverse community. He too would like to work to bring more unique and local amenities to the city, such as: a splash-pad/spray park, more interactive play spaces for all ages, and updated common areas with advanced technologies to further bolster safety and comfort within the neighborhoods.  

Joe would like to see a city where there are numerous diverse activities within city limits that allow its citizens to remain local while unwinding with their families.    To accomplish this vision, his most important priority would be to advocate for progress in the development of a DuPont community center, where neighbors of all ages would have a centralized place to meet, play, and learn.

Joe Nash, MS

PARCS Treasurer

(March 2020-Current)

Email: j.nash.parcs@gmail.com