"Bringing families together through Parks & Recreation."


Be part of a group of local residents working toward bringing additional recreational facilities, programming, and events to our amazing community. We believe that DuPont is one of the best places in Washington to live, work, and play.

How You Can Help

Strategic Planning

Join the Board of Directors


All donations are tax deductible

Website Maintenance

No code writing or html

experience necessary

Social Media

Keep our community up to date on

all things P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont &

Parks & Recreation related

Grant Writing

Help us apply for funds to bring additional recreational facilities, programming, & events to DuPont


Help brainstorm, plan, & execute events for people of all ages

Don't just wait for things to happen,

volunteer today!

Do you love all the parks, playgrounds, and activities DuPont has to offer? 

Would you like to be part of the team that brings additional facilities and events to the community?

Right now you're thinking, "I'm really good at (fill in the blank)," but would that help??...." The answer is YES! 

Come and join us! CLICK HERE to fill out our volunteer application!

Every hour you donate toward volunteering for P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont gets us that much closer to fulfilling our mission.

P.A.R.C.S.-DuPont believes that everyone has a special skill or passion that can help us reach our goals!